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FirePlex® and miRNA assay publications

Read the latest publications using FirePlex® technology.

​​The regulatory activity of a class of RNAs known as microRNAs (miRNAs) has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years and a number of diseases are now known to be influenced by abnormal miRNA expression, leading to widespread interest in the area. 

​​Find out how the miRNA FirePlex®​ particle technology works to allow multiplexed analysis of up to 68 miRNAs simulatenously in a single sample.

Recent publications using FirePlex® technology

​Adams BD et al. (2015). miR-34a Silences c-SRC to Attenuate Tumor Growth in Triple Negative Breast Cancer.​ Cancer Res. 2321:2015.

Flowers E, Gadgil M, Auoizerat BE, Kanaya A (2015). Circulating microRNAs associated with glycemic impairment and progression in Asian Indians. Biomarker Research, 3:22.

Flowers E et al. (2015). Circulating microRNA-320a and microRNA-486 predict thiazolidinedione response: Moving towards precision health for diabetes prevention. Metabolism S20026-0495(15)00156-0. 

Glineur SF, De Ron P, Hanon E, Valentin JP, Dremier ​S, da Costa AN.​ ​Paving the route to plasma miR-208a-3p as an acute cardiac injury biomarker: preclinical rat data supports its use in drug safety assessment (2015). Toxicological Sciences, kfv222.

Hoss AG et al. (2015). miR-10b-5p expression in Huntington's disease brain relates to age of onset and the extent of striatal involvement. BMC Med. Genomics 8.1, 10.

Joerger M et al. (2014). ​​Circulating microRNA profiling in patients with advanced non-squamous NSCLC receiving bevacizumab/erlotinib followed by platinum-based chemotherapy at progression (SAKK 19/05).

Khodakov D, Wang C, Zhang DY (2016). Diagnostics based on nucleic acid sequence variant profiling: PCR, hybridization, and NGS approaches.​ Adv Drug Deliv Rev. S0169-409X(16)30104-1.

Minh TN. Le Hamar P, Guo C, Basar E, Perdigão-Henriques R, Balaj L, Lieberman J (2014). miR-200 in extracellular vesicles promotes metastasis of breast cancer cells. JCI 124(12), 5109-5128.

Momen-Heravi F et al. (2015). Increased number of circulating exosomes and their microRNA cargos are potential novel biomarkers in alcoholic hepatitis.​ J Transl Med. ​12;13:261.

Powell J et al. (2016). A cytometry microparticle platform approach for screening tobacco microRNA changes after agrobacterium delivery. Journal of Microbial Methods 127: 230-235.

Ren V, Ambros VR (2015). Caenorhabditis elegans microRNAs of the let-7 family act in innate immune response circuits and confer robust developmental timing against pathogen stress.​ Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 5;112(18).

Ren V et al. (2016). Staufen Negatively Modulates microRNA Activity in Caenorhabditis elegans.​ G3 (Bethesda) ​3;6(5):1227-37.

Sandhu SK, Fassan M, Volinia S, Lovat F, Balatti V, Pekarsky Y, Croce CM (2013) B-cell malignancies in microRNA Eμ-miR-17~92 transgenic mice, PNAS 5, 110(45), 18208.​

Shiu PK, Zhuang JJ, Hunter CP (2014). Assays for direct and indirect effects of C. elegans Endo-siRNAs. Methods Mol. Biol. 1173, 71-87.​

Telonis AG et al. (2015). Dissecting tRNA-derived fragment complexities using personalized transcriptomes reveals novel fragment classes and unexpected dependencies. Oncotarget 22;6(28): 24797-822.

Zhang Q et al. (2014). Molecular analyses of 6 different types of uterine smooth muscle tumors: Emphasis in atypical leiomyoma. Cancer​ 15;120(20):3165-77.

Zinovyeva AY, Bouasker S, Simard MJ, Hammell CM, Ambros V (2014). Mutations in conserved residues of the C. elegans microRNA Argonaute ALG-1 identify separable functions in ALG-1 miRISC loading and target repression. PLoS Genet. 23, 10(4): e1004286.

Zou L et al. (2016). Splenic RNA and MicroRNA Mimics Promote Complement Factor B Production and Alternative Pathway Activation via Innate Immune Signaling. J Immunol. ​15;196(6):2788-98.

Publications describing FirePlex® technology

Appleyard D, Chapin SC, Srinivas R  and Doyle PS (2011). Barcoded hydrogel microparticles for protein detection: synthesis, assay and scanning. Nature Protocols 6, 1761.

Chapin SC and Doyle PS (2011) Ultrasensitive multiplexed microRNA quant on encoded gel microparticles using rolling circle amplification. Analytical Chemistry 83, 7179.

Chapin SC, Pregibon DC and Doyle PS (2009). High-throughput flow alignment of barcoded hydrogel microparticles. Lab on a Chip 9, 3100.​

Chapin SC, Pregibon DC and Doyle PS (2011). Rapid microRNA profiling on encoded gel microparticles. Agnew Chem Int Ed 50, 2289.

Dendukuri D, Pregibon DC, Collins J, Hatton TA and Doyle PS (2006). Continuous-flow lithography for high-throughput microparticle synthesis. Nature Materials 5, ​369.​​

Pregibon DC and Doyle PS (2009). Optimization of encoded hydrogel particles for nucleic acid quantification. Analytical Chemistry 81, 4873.

Pregibon DC, Toner M and Doyle PS (2007). Multifunctional encoded particles for high-throughput biomolecule analysis. Science 315, 1393.​

Flow cytometry protocols for Firefly® multiplex assays.

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