Chromosome structure


DNA wraps around histones to form the nucleosome, the basic chromatin unit. Tightly packed heterochromatin forms structures such as telomeres and centromeres, whereas euchromatin features active genes. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a popular application in the field and emerging techniques include 3C and derivatives. We provide antibodies and kits for chromatin extraction and ChIP.



A guide to chromatin structure and function

Learn the basics of chromatin structure and function, and how to study chromatin using ChIP.

ChIP 2.0 - advanced guide

Our advanced guide to ChIP covers the latest and most advanced ChIP-based techniques, including ChIP-loop, ChIA-PET, ChIP-exo and ChIP-BS-seq.

Chromosome conformation capture (3C)

Discover our guide to chromosome conformation capture, summarizing current 3C methods and helping you to choose the best option for your lab. 

ChIP antibodies

Discover our range of antibodies validated for ChIP, ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq, as well as ChIP protocols to guide you through your experiment.

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