Quantitative antibody arrays

Antibody arrays for multiplex protein analysis.

  • Quantitate up to 40 proteins per antibody array in as little as 50 µL of sample.
  • Easily processed in parallel to measure >400 human and 200 mouse cytokines and other proteins, plus rat and other species.
  • Cytokine arrays and other arrays are on glass slides and use sandwich antibody pairs – just like an ELISA.
  • Analyze with a microarray laser slide scanner.

Quantitative cytokine arrays and other antibody arrays are available for over 400 human and 200 mouse proteins, with arrays also available for cow, dog, horse, catnon-human primate, pig and rat proteins.

To help you compare our human and mouse quantitative antibody arrays, we list the cytokines and other proteins that are available in each array – see tables for our human quantitative antibody arrays and mouse quantitative antibody arrays).

​​​​Array processing can be completed within one working day and in as little as four hours with protocol optimization. Quantitative arrays can be analyzed with most laser glass slide array or gene microarray scanners (review scanner requirements and recommended scanners). The fluorophore is a dye with equivalent excitation and emission wavelengths to Cy3. For higher throughput, four slides can be nested into a tray matching a standard microplate (supplied on request), allowing automated processing with a liquid handling workstation.

Array format: Each glass slide is spotted with 16 identical antibody arrays and is provided with a 16-well gasket to allow separate samples to be applied to each array. Antibodies are spotted in quadruplicate on each array. 

Standard curve: For reproducible quantitation, eight of the arrays are used with a cocktail of protein standards to produce a standard curve. The same eight standard curve arrays can be used across multiple slides (two points from each standard curve should be included on each additional slide to control for experimental variation). This allows measurement of 8 experimental samples with 1 slide, 22 samples with 2 slides, 36 samples with 3 slides etc.

Download GAL files to provide an array map for your fluorescent densitometry software when you are using our quantitative cytokine and other antibody arrays.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sensitivity and dynamic range: Our quantitative cytokine arrays and other antibody arrays have been extensively tested against the equivalent ELISA kits and typically we see similar detection sensitivity between the ELISA kit and quantitative antibody array; however, arrays offer a much wider dynamic range. The technology used in these arrays is well established with over 200 publications.

Antibody specificity: Our quantitative cytokine arrays and other antibody arrays are rigorously tested for antibody pair interactions to ensure that there are no false positive results. We've tested the individual detection antibodies in the presence of protein target mixtures (10 ng/mL), ensuring you can rely on the results.

​​No laser scanner? Try our semi-quantitative membrane arrays

​​​If you don’t have a suitable scanner or cannot access one (eg through a genomics core facility), we recommend our membrane antibody arrays, which can be analyzed with the same equipment as a chemiluminescent western blot. Review our membrane array listing, covering arrays such as cytokine array ab133997, one of our human cytokine arrays, and ab134001, our human apoptosis membrane antibody array, or see more information on membrane antibody arrays.  Find a list, detailing which analyte can be analyzed with which array, here for human analytes and here for mouse analytes.

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