Firefly particles

Run multiplex assays in your lab or send us your samples for testing

Want the convenience of running powerful multiplex immunoassays on your flow cytometer? Want to get results without effort with our sample testing services? Find out how.


Equipment and software requirements

To run the assay in your own lab, you require

  • Access to a compatible flow cytometer
  • Vacuum manifold for 96 well filter plates (ab204067 or similar)*
  • 96-well plate shaker (capable of reaching 750 rpm)
  • FirePlex® Analysis Workbench software: free download

Which products do I need to buy to run the assay?

To run the assay in your lab, you will need a multiplex immunoassay core kit, a protein standard mix and either a human or mouse pre-designed or self-assembly panel.

Multiplex immunoassay kits to buy

When selecting your analyte panel, you have three options:

1. Pre-designed panels for multiple human or mouse analytes.

2. Self-assembly panels combining separate assays for each analyte from either human or mouse lists. (We can pre-mix the separate assay reagents into single vials on request.)

3. Extended panels (with the ability to add more analytes to pre-designed panels).  

Almost all analytes can be combined together in multiplex, but we recommend that you check your panel on our listings for human and mouse analytes.

Contact us if you need assistance or are outside the US, Canada or Europe.

Running the assay and analysis

Firefly multiplex immunoassay workflow

Multiplex immunoassay workflow. The streamlined protocol only takes around 3.5 hours, plus data acquisition by flow cytometry.

Why choose our sample analysis services

When you don't have the resources to run the assay yourself, you can send your samples to our service center in Boston, Massachusetts to get your data without effort. Our service experts have tested over 10,000 customer samples with Firefly multiplex assays and will deliver your results on average within 15 business days.

Contact us to discuss your study or find out more about multiplex immunoassay sample analysis services.

NB the FirePlex technology was previously known as the Firefly multiplex immunoassay / Firefly multiplex miRNA assay technology.

Firefly® is a registered trade mark in the United States and is registered as a European Union Trade Mark.

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