SimpleStep ELISA® kits


​​Highly sensitive 90-minutes ELISAs, no compromise on performance.

Validated with complex and relevant biological samples
Broad dynamic range reduces the need for multiple sample dilutions
Single step sample and antibody addition for results in 90 minutes
No special equipment or training is required

  • Single-wash protocol reduces assay time to 90 minutes or less
  • High sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility from superior antibodies
  • Fully validated in biological samples
  • ​96-wells plate breakable into 12 x 8 wells strips

See our SimpleStep ELISA® kits for the top 10 most popular ELISA targets 

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What is SimpleStep ELISA?

SimpleStep ELISA® kits are sandwich ELISA assays that we have developed to be as simple and effective as possible. Unlike traditional sandwich ELISAs, which take more than three hours to run, SimpleStep ELISA kits generate data in just 90 minutes, without compromising on performance.

Your ELISA upgrade

SimpleStep ELISA® offers​What it means for you
High sensitivity, reproducibility and specificity.Consistent and reliable results from the first attempt.

Validation on biological samples.

Guaranteed reaction with the endogenous protein​.
Single-wash 90 minutes standardised protocol.Less risk of error with the same fast and easy protocol across all SimpleStep ELISA® kits.
96-wells plate breakable into 12 x 8 wells strips.No waste. Possibility to use the same kit for several smaller experiments.

How does SimpleStep ELISA work?

Figure 1. With SimpleStep ELISA kits, an analyte-capture and detector antibody sandwich complex is formed in solution, which binds to the microplate via an affinity tag attached to the capture antibody in the sandwich pair. See the video of how SimpleStep ELISA works.

A conventional sandwich ELISA uses a pair of antibodies that bind to at least two distinct sites on the target protein. The capture antibody is pre-coated onto the well of a microplate and selectively binds to the target protein. After a wash step, the detector antibody is added and binds to a second site on the target protein to form a sandwich complex.

SimpleStep ELISA kits streamline this process by using a semi-homogeneous format wherein the antibody-analyte sandwich complex is formed in solution in a single step. In just one incubation and wash step, the complete sandwich complex forms in the well and is anchored to the plate with an immunoaffinity tag (figure 1).

Uncompromising on sensitivity

SimpleStep ELISA kits drastically reduce assay times without compromising on performance. We compared the sensitivity of SimpleStep ELISA with that of the next best competitor brand of ELISA kits for 75 popular human and mouse proteins. In 56 out of 75 cases, SimpleStep ELISA shows superior sensitivity (figure 2).

Figure 2. We compared SimpleStep ELISA kit sensitivity with a competitor assay across 75 popular protein targets and calculated the ratios. SimpleStep ELISA was more sensitive on average than a competitor ELISA kit.

 Tested in biological samples

Every SimpleStep ELISA® kit is validated using multiple biological samples for assay specificity. All secreted serum or plasma-based targets are tested and fall within World Health Organization blood reference ranges. When available, the SimpleStep ELISA kits are calibrated against a known NIBSC international standards and includes a conversion factor for data comparison.

Wide range of analytes

We currently have SimpleStep ELISA® kits to almost 700 targets, including popular proteins like PD-L1, GFP, and fibrinogen, and are continually adding more to the catalog.

SimpleStep ELISA® kits for the top 10 most popular ELISA targets:




TNF alphaab181421ab208348
IFN Gammaab174443

IL-1 betaab214025ab197742
Alpha 1 antitrypsinab189579

Pro collagen I alphaab210966ab210579

* also available for rabbit, hamster, dog and guinea pigs samples

** also reacts with Rhesus Monkey

*** multispecies

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