Sodium bisulfite conversion kits


Optimized kits for DNA bisulfite conversion 

Treatment of DNA with sodium bisulfite leads to the deamination of cytosine residues and converts them to uracil, while 5-mC residues remain the same. These changes in the DNA sequence provide information about the methylation status of a DNA region with single-nucleotide resolution when detected in subsequent sequencing analysis.

Our bisulfite conversion kits have been optimized to accurately (>99%) convert unmethylated cytosine into uracil. With the ability to use a broad range of sample material, our range of bisulfite conversion kits give you the flexibility needed for your methylation studies.

Use our table below to select the right bisulfite kit for you


Conversion Kit - Whole Cell
Fast Bisulfite 
Conversion Kit
DNA Isolation & Bisulfite Conversion KitBisulfite-Seq High Sensitivity KitPost-Bisulfite DNA Library Preparation Kit
Product Codeab117126ab117127ab117124ab185907ab185906
Product principleDirect bisulfite conversion from cells or tissueBisulfite conversion of purified DNADNA isolation and bisulfite conversionSimultaneous bisulfite conversion and fragmentation for Illumina® sequencingFragmentation for Illumina® 
sequencing after bisulfite conversion 
Sample inputCultured cells, tissue samples, embryonic cells / oocytesPurified DNASerum, plasma and body fluidsPurified DNAPurified bisulfite - converted DNA
Minimum sample amount100 cells / 1 µg tissue0.2 ng DNA50 pg DNA / 20 cells0.5 ng DNA1 ng bisulfite-converted DNA
Protocol Time3 hours30 minutes2.5 hours6.5 hours5 hours
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