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I'm looking for an antibody that will cross react with fly Importin beta (Ketel). There are currently no commercially available antibodies for fly Importin beta. You have several Anti-NTF97/Importin beta antibodies available. Do you know if any of them cross react with drosophila Importin beta?
If it is unknown if they cross react with fly, would it be possible for you to send small aliquots of your anti-NTF97/Importin beta antibodies so that I may test them. If one or more do indeed cross react, I can send you files of corresponding Western Blot analysis.

Anti-NTF97/Importin beta antibodies:


Thank you for contacting us.

I have run alignments of the immunogens used to create each of these products against drosophila Importin beta. Unfortunately, each immunogen had less than 70% homology with your target and most were less than 50%. We cannot recommend a product or offera product for testingif the matched identity of the immunogen is less than 85%.

I hope this information is helpful and wish you luck in finding a Importin beta antibody to suit your needs.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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