Question (24773) | Anti-LAMP3 antibody (ab83659)

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Good afternoon, I bought an antibody from abcam, Anti-LAMP3 antibody (ab83659) I did a western blot using SH-SY5Y whole cell lysate, and I got two bands, one between 37 and 50 kDa and other between 50 and 75 kDa. I see in the insert that the antibody detects two bands, of 44 and 64 kDa. I read that the predicted molecular weight is of 44 kDa, and I would like to ask what is the other band, the heavy band?


Thank you for contacting us. LAMP3 is glycosylated and the higher MW band is likely a glycosylated form of the protein. I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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