Question (25691) | Anti-LANCL2 antibody (ab99083)

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Thanks for your kindly reply, after passed those suggestions to this customer she already tried to modify her experiment step, however it was not improve her results. I attached the result in this letter, please check this and could you please offer some suggestion to this customer. Thanks for your kindly assistance. Best regards


Thank you for taking time to complete our questionnaire and providing this extra data. I am sorry to hear this antibody is not providing satisfactory results. I appreciate the time your customer has spent in the laboratory and understand their concerns. It is regrettable the results have not been successful. Having reviewed the protocol details, and performed the advised protocol tips I believe this product should have given satisfactory results. It appears that you may have received a faulty vial. I apologise for the inconvenience caused by this. I am amle to offer a free of charge replacment with a different batch of this antibody, an alternative antibody (such as ab88860 or ab67676 both mouse polyclonals) or althernatively if this is not satisfactory credit note can be issued in compensation. Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you with details of how you would like to proceed.

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