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My colleague has tried the LIFR antibody from Abcam (ab89792) recently on total cell lysates from several human cell lines. Two prominent bands showed up, with one just above 150 kDa marker and one around 100 kDa. But the predicted size of LIFR is 124 kDa based on the antibody datasheet. So none of the bands fits the predicted size. Is it possible to ask Abcam sending us a bit of the antibody-generating peptide for ab89792, so she can check the specificity of the antibody? Because if it is specific, this antibody could be a nice tool for human LIFR. My colleague doesn’t mind writing a Abreview about this antibody afterwards...

I also have another question: Does the antibody recognise soluble LIF receptor? If it does, what is the predicted size for sLIFR?

I enclosed a picture of the film in the attachment. Sorry about the dirt on the film which was caused by the developer problem.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I am going to have a look into the antibody ab89792 for you to see what I can suggest. I am not sure I will be able to provide the blocking peptide to this antibody but I will certainly try to ascertain exactly what size of protein can be expected. Although the predicted size from SwissProt reference is P42702 indeed 124 kDa but the protein looks like it might go through several post-translational glycosylation events and the size may therefore increase. I will alsotry to find out if this antibody is likely to detect the soluble form of the protein.

Once I have this information to share with you I will get back to you. I am sorry for the delay and any inconvenience this causes you and your colleague.

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