• Product name

    Lipid Extraction Kit (Chloroform Free)
  • Sample type

    Serum, Plasma, Tissue, Adherent cells, Suspension cells
  • Assay time

    0h 30m
  • Product overview

    Abcam's Lipid Extraction Kit (Chloroform-Free) (ab211044) provides a chloroform-free method of lipid isolation. The recovered organic phase can be dried and resuspended for downstream lipid analysis. This protocol overcomes the difficulties of lower phase extraction and the dangers of using chloroform while resulting in highly efficient lipid extraction. Each kit provides sufficient reagents to isolate up to 50 lipid preparations based on a 25 μL sample size.

  • Notes

    The term lipids describe a group of naturally occurring molecules that includes monoglycerides, diglycerides, trigylcerides, phospholipids, fat-soluble vitamins, fats and sterols. Lipids define and preserve cellular membrane integrity and play an important role in cellular processes such as membrane trafficking, signal transduction and energy storage. Dysregulation of lipid metabolism is linked to many diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Traditional lipid extraction is performed using the Folch method, in which lipids are extracted into an organic phase. Isolating lipids from this organic phase is tricky and can result in contamination with material from other phases. These contaminants may have a negative impact on downstream lipid analysis. Furthermore, the Folch method uses chloroform, which is toxic, as the organic phase solvent.


  • Storage instructions

    Store at room temperature. Please refer to protocols.
  • Components 50 tests
    Extraction Buffer 1 x 25ml
    Suspension Buffer 1 x 2.5ml


  • Analysis of Total Free Fatty Acid, Triglyceride and Cholesterol on Extracted Lipids using Adipocytes Cell Lysate. Comparison of Total Free Fatty Acid, Triglyceride  and Cholesterol using Folch Method and Abcam’s Lipid Extraction Method.

  • Analysis of Total Free Fatty Acid, Triglyceride and Cholesterol on Extracted Lipids using Rat Liver Tissue. Comparison of Total Free Fatty Acid, Triglyceride and Cholesterol using Folch Method and Abcam’s Lipid Extraction Method.



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  • Syafruddin SE  et al. A KLF6-driven transcriptional network links lipid homeostasis and tumour growth in renal carcinoma. Nat Commun 10:1152 (2019). Read more (PubMed: 30858363) »
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