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I am writing to you about an antibody we purchased last year against LMX1b (ab66941). The Western picture you show for this product could not be replicated by ourselves aswe do not get bands of the correct size, in addition there is also a strong lower molecular weight band seen in all the samples we have tested it on so far. Do you know any explanation for why this might be? Also, the picture you show of the western seems to be the same picture other companies are using for their LMX1b antibodies, do you happen to know where this western picture is from and whether other companies are selling this same antibody?
We are looking for an LMX1b antibody that works on human cells and have seen you sell several others that also show western pictures, do you know where these pictures might be from and do you have any advice on how we might proceed in our search?
Many thanks for your help


Thank you for contacting us.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with one of our products. We take product complaints very seriously, and investigate every product that we feel may not be performing correctly.

I am attaching our questionnaire so that we can gather further information regarding the samples tested and the protocol used. Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we will look at the protocol and see if there are any suggestions we can make that may improve the results. This information will also allow us to investigate this case internally and initiate additional testing where necessary. If the product was purchased in the last six months and is being used according to our Abpromise, we would be happy to replace or refund the antibody.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

PS: We are not sure which other company is showing this image however this antibody and other 3, ab70174, ab82835 and ab129306 are fully guaranteed for detection of LMX1B with human lysates.

We unfortunately have image for this antibody only.

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