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I've been working with LXR alpha (ab3585) and LXR beta antibody (ab76983)with excellent results. Now, I submitted a paper and the referees asked me about the peptideto confirm the specificity of the antibodies...We have seen only one band at the expected size, but anyway, I was wondering if anyone has done already the resorption with the peptide? In other words, are there any references forLXR alpha peptide (ab5021)? and for LXR betapetide?


Thank you for your inquiry.

All of the information we have for each of our products is listed on the online datasheet for your convenience. These are updated as soon as any new information is brought to our attention. Therefore, unfortunately, if we do not have any references on our datasheet, we do not know about any. In addition, the epitope for the ab76983 Anti-LXR beta antibodyhas not been mapped.

I hope this information is still helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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