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    Lysosomal Staining Kit - Blue Fluorescence - Cytopainter
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    Adherent cells, Suspension cells
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    Lysosomal Staining Kit - Blue Fluorescence | Cytopainter (ab112135) is designed to label lysosomes in live cells in blue fluorescence at Ex/Em = 350/440nm. Ab112135 uses a proprietary lysotropic dye that selectively accumulates in lysosomes probably via the lysosome pH gradient. The lysotropic indicator is a hydrophobic compound that easily permeates intact live cells, and is trapped in lysosomes after it gets into the cells. Its fluorescence is significantly enhanced upon entering lysosomes. This key feature significantly reduces its staining background. The labeling protocol is robust, requiring minimal hands-on time.

    Ab112135 can be readily adapted for many different types of fluorescence platforms such as microplate assays, flow cytometry and fluorescence microscope. It is useful for a variety of studies, including cell adhesion, chemotaxis, multidrug resistance, cell viability, apoptosis and cytotoxicity. Ab112135 provides all the essential components with an optimized cell-labeling protocol and can be used for both proliferating and non-proliferating cells (either suspension or adherent cells).

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    Abcam's fluorescence imaging kits are a set of fluorescence imaging tools for labeling sub-cellular organelles such as lysosomes, mitochondria,and actin filaments. The selective staining of cell compartments provides a powerful method for studying cellular events in a spatial and temporal context.

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    Fluorescence microscope



  • ab112135 staining U2OS cells by Immunofluorescence (in a black 96 well plate).



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  • Liu F  et al. Parallel comparative studies on toxicity of quantum dots synthesized and surface engineered with different methods in vitro and in vivo. Int J Nanomedicine 12:5135-5148 (2017). Read more (PubMed: 28790821) »
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Customer reviews and Q&As


Thank you very much for your inquiry. I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing problems with the CytoPainter Lysosomal Staining Kit. Due to the wide emission spectrum property of the CytoPainter dye it is normal to also have some green fluorescence; some of our customers actually like this property for using their violet filter sets. Currently, a narrow spectrum of the blue lysosomal dye is being developed and might be available soon. In terms of the multi-color labeling, due to potential interference of the compounds and overlapping fluorescence spectra we would not recommend this particular combination, i.e. using blue for the lysosome detection, red for mitochondria, and Hoechst33342 which also emits in the blue spectrum (for excitation/emission spectra details see for example here: http://www.mcb.arizona.edu/ipc/fret/index.html). We would recommend to either use a different dye for live cell DNA staining, or otherwise if you prefer to use Hoechst33342 for DNA staining to use the CytoPainter Lysosomal Staining Kit in green for staining lysosome (ab112136). If you need to avoid any green signal, a redesign of the experimental layout might be required. There are for example DNA dyes (such as DRAQ5 and DRAQ7) available that emit in the far red or orange spectrum, which would require a different fluorescence for the mitochondria. For both mitochondria and lysosomal staining we have different colours available. I am sorry that I could not be of more help on this occasion and hope this information is nevertheless helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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