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Dear, Thank-you for accepting my Abreview for ab75713. In testing this product I not only purchased the ab75713 but also the secondary antibody as the ab75713 is an unusual chicken IgY antibody. The secondary antibody cost USD. I know that with the submission of the Abreview I can now order one antibody for free, but since I had to purchase the secondary antibody and my unfortunate results which indicate that the ab75713 may not be specific for neuronal cells, I would like to ask whether I could get two free antibodies? Also, after submitting an Abreveiw, how much time do I have to order the free antibody? Regards,


Thank you for contacting us and thank you for submitting an abreview. The abreview program is only for testing primary antibodies in untested species/assays. Unfortunately it does not include secondary antibodies. However, it looks as the seconday antibody appears to work fine in your tests. This product, if stored correctly (aliquot and store at -20C in dark), will continue to perform for 5 years from the date of arrival. Although there are lesser numbers of chicken raised antibodies than those in other species, at this time we offer 805 primary antibodies that have been raised in chicken. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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