Question (37418) | Anti-MCP1 antibody (ab73680)

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My apologies for the delayed reply. My colleague who has the order information contacted Bio-Connect, since the abs were indeed ordered through this distributor. Bio-Connect offered to further take of it, so they should contact you anytime now.
Please let me know if you don't hear anything from Bio Connect, because then we will contact them again.
Hope they have all the information you need.

Concerning the MCP-1 antibody, we do have ab9669! I assume Bio-Connect can explain this..

Thank you again for all the help,
best regards


Thank you for getting back to me and for getting in touch with BioConnect. I will let you know if I don't hear anything from them shortly, and we will figure out the vial of ab9669. I'll also send you a confirmation email after I work everything out with them.

Thank you for your understanding, and let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

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