Question (37616) | Anti-Menin antibody - ChIP Grade (ab2605)

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Thank you for the offer of a replacement vial. However, I suspect that the previous "complaint" you refer to came from us and Abcam kindly replaced the antibody with an earlier batch. I don't think we should expect more.

My question, which was simply prompted by an E-mail from Abcam, was whether there is now a more recent batch of ab21873 (presumably lot GR21097-1) and if so, would it be possible for us to test an aliquot in ChIP conditions before buying several vials.


Thanks for your reply.

You are correct that lot GR21097-1 is a new lot we have in stock. We are not able to stock small sample aliqots of our antibodies unfortunately. However, since a vial of ab21873 you previously purchased is not working as expected,I can provide you with a free replacement vial of this new lot based on our Abpromise guarantee

If you would like to go ahead with the replacement offer, please just provide me with the PO number or Abcam order reference number associated with the purchase of ab21873, lot 937205 so I can process the replacement.

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