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Abcam’s metabolism page encompasses mitochondrial antibodies, biochemicals and our premium range of mitochondrial research – MitoSciences. All products are referenced in various publications, and carry unbiased critiques through our peer Abreviews.

Metabolism antibodies

Antibodies for mitochondrial metabolism, hypoxia, autophagy, metabolic signaling pathways, redox metabolism and oxidative stress.


Advancing mitochondrial research through the development of novel assays, kits proteins and lysates. The MitoSciences range extends to mass spectrometry validated antibodies and antibody cocktails, with diverse species cross reactivity.

Kits and assays

Cellular assays: Measurement of reactive oxygen species, cellular ATP, mitochondrial membrane potential and cell viability assays

Metabolism assay kits: Measurement of metabolic processes in 96-well microtiter plates by fluorometric /colorimetric detection methods

Cell fractionation kits: Separation of cytosolic, mitochondrial and nuclear fractions for use in downstream applications

ELISA kits: Covering cancer metabolism, apoptosis and other metabolism pathways.


MitoTox™ solutions offer products for mitochondrial safety analysis, and measurement of the key parameters of mitochondrial function.

Pathway analysis

Our coverage of Mitochondrial metabolism includes antibodies and assays to study pyruvate dehydrogeanse (PDH), oxidative phosphorylation and a variety of other metabolic pathways.

Abcam Biochemicals

Abcam biochemicals include receptor agonists and antagonists, ion channel modulators, enzyme inhibitors and signaling tools, applicable in a range of disease areas such as Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity and Parkinson's Disease – all high purity and exceptional quality.

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