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ab195352 has been referenced in 15 publications.

  • Nettersheim D  et al. N6-Methyladenosine detected in RNA of testicular germ cell tumors is controlled by METTL3, ALKBH5, YTHDC1/F1/F2, and HNRNPC as writers, erasers, and readers. Andrology N/A:N/A (2019). WB ; Human . PubMed: 30903744
  • Zhang J  et al. Excessive miR-25-3p maturation via N6-methyladenosine stimulated by cigarette smoke promotes pancreatic cancer progression. Nat Commun 10:1858 (2019). WB ; Human . PubMed: 31015415
  • Zhou R  et al. METTL3 mediated m6A modification plays an oncogenic role in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma by regulating ?Np63. Biochem Biophys Res Commun N/A:N/A (2019). WB ; Human . PubMed: 31153635
  • Kwon J  et al. Functional roles of hnRNPA2/B1 regulated by METTL3 in mammalian embryonic development. Sci Rep 9:8640 (2019). ICC/IF ; Mouse . PubMed: 31201338
  • Song T  et al. Zfp217 mediates m6A mRNA methylation to orchestrate transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation to promote adipogenic differentiation. Nucleic Acids Res N/A:N/A (2019). WB ; Mouse . PubMed: 31037292
  • Wei W  et al. miR-600 inhibits lung cancer via downregulating the expression of METTL3. Cancer Manag Res 11:1177-1187 (2019). WB ; Human . PubMed: 30774445
  • Deng R  et al. m6A methyltransferase METTL3 suppresses colorectal cancer proliferation and migration through p38/ERK pathways. Onco Targets Ther 12:4391-4402 (2019). IHC-P ; Human . PubMed: 31239708
  • Choe J  et al. mRNA circularization by METTL3-eIF3h enhances translation and promotes oncogenesis. Nature 561:556-560 (2018). WB ; Human . PubMed: 30232453
  • Wen J  et al. Zc3h13 Regulates Nuclear RNA m6A Methylation and Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Self-Renewal. Mol Cell 69:1028-1038.e6 (2018). WB, ICC/IF ; Mouse . PubMed: 29547716
  • Song T  et al. Maternal obesity aggravates the abnormality of porcine placenta by increasing N6-methyladenosine. Int J Obes (Lond) N/A:N/A (2018). WB ; Pig . PubMed: 29795472
  • Wang CX  et al. METTL3-mediated m6A modification is required for cerebellar development. PLoS Biol 16:e2004880 (2018). WB, IHC-P ; Mouse . PubMed: 29879109
  • Sorci M  et al. METTL3 regulates WTAP protein homeostasis. Cell Death Dis 9:796 (2018). WB, CLIP ; Human . PubMed: 30038300
  • Zhang Z  et al. METTL3-mediated N6-methyladenosine mRNA modification enhances long-term memory consolidation. Cell Res N/A:N/A (2018). IHC-Fr, WB ; Mouse . PubMed: 30297870
  • Zhang P  et al. m6A-mediated ZNF750 repression facilitates nasopharyngeal carcinoma progression. Cell Death Dis 9:1169 (2018). WB ; Human . PubMed: 30518868
  • Du M  et al. MiR-33a suppresses proliferation of NSCLC cells via targeting METTL3 mRNA. Biochem Biophys Res Commun N/A:N/A (2016). WB ; Human . PubMed: 27856248

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