Question (60229) | MitoTox™ Complex V OXPHOS Activity Assay Kit (ab109907)

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I need some help doing the analysis using this kit. For example I have a high absorbance reading of 0.37 and low abs reading of 0.25. Putting this into the equation in the data analysis section of the protocol shows 0.12/18 minutes. I'm not sure how to continue with the calculation to arrive at a number like 10.5, which is an example used in the protocol.


The rate quoted in the booklet is mOD/min. I think this customer is quoting OD. Therefore 0.12/18 is 0.0067 OD/min = 6.7 mOD/min

Changing the window analyzed to identify the steepest straight line slope is necessary and then to compare all samples over this time period.

I hope this is helpful. Please contact us again if you have any further questions.

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