Mouse cathepsin B ELISA kit is suitable for detecting rat Cathepsin B

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I was interested in detecting secreted cathepsin B in rat hippocampal tissue. Although the kit uses antibodies designed against mouse, mouse and rat cathepsin B share >90% homology. I was able to successfully detect cathepsin B in the supernatant from organotypic hippocampal slices (D.I.V. 10-14) cultured from Wistar rats (P7). The assay was sensitive, showing a positive signal when tested with 200uL of serum-free media, which was washed over the slice for 10 minutes prior to processing. The assay also showed low well-to-well variability when identical samples were run on multiple wells. Serum-free culture media showed little or no reactivity.

Mr. Zahid Padamsey

Verified customer

Submitted Aug 11 2015

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