Question (53888) | Mouse IgG2a, Kappa Monoclonal [MOPC-173] - Isotype Control - ChIP Grade (ab18413)

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Inquiry: It is indicated in the description of ab18413 that it is Mouse Control IgG, but when you scroll down to the isotype paragraph of this product, you will see that it is IgG2a. Please clarify if ab18413 is Mouse Control IgG or Mouse Control IgG2a. The customer works with 2 primary antibodies. One is IgG2a and the second is IgG1 and she is looking for one isotype control for IHC-P that will fit both primary antibodies, that's why it is important for her to be sure that ab18413 is Mouse Control IgG and not only Mouse Control IgG2a. Thank you very much for your assistance and reply. Have a nice day.


Thank you for contacting us.

I can confirm that ab18413 is isotype IgG2a, therefore is only suitable for one of the primary antibodies the customer is using. I have asked our products team to update the datasheet.

Apologies for any confusion.

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