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With regards to anti-Munc 13-4 (product #ab15723): 1. What cell lines were used as positive and negative controls when testing this antibody using Western blot? 2. What dilution was used for Western blot? 3. The product lit says it "gave no signal but low background". Does this mean that you were never successful in getting this antibody to work using Western blot?


Thank you for your enquiry. As stated on the datasheet, ab15723 is a Fast-Track antibody. Fast-Track antibodies are immunogen affinity purified and are shown by ELISA to have high titre values against their immunogen. We are currently testing them for use in Western blotting. At this stage, there can be delays. We sometimes experience problems in searching for / developing the correct lysate or knock-out cell-line. In addition, certain products can be difficult to characterise, due, for instance, to low expression levels or a lack of expression in easily available lysates. We realise that these products might be very suitable for your research and do not wish to delay this; therefore, we release them early with the following understanding: As Fast-Track antibodies are not yet fully characterised we are unable to offer our normal level of technical support. We cannot guarantee that the antibody will work in any application other than ELISA against the immunizing peptide and therefore we are unable to offer a refund if the antibody does not work in your application. The preliminary testing that has been done with ab15723 is the following: ab15723 was used as concentrations up to 1 ug/ml on H460 and Human Placenta lysates. No specific signal was seen but there was low background. You should know that we would greatly appreciate your feedback on these antibodies, whether positive or negative. We will award $300 of Conference Travel Money to the first researcher who sends us positive feedback (including an image and details of materials & methods). Conclusive negative feedback that leads us to withdraw the antibody will also be rewarded with $300 of Conference Travel Money. If you have any additional questions, please contact us again.

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