Question (7858) | Anti-Myc tag antibody (ab172)

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Hi Jennifer, Thank you for looking into this for me-it would be great to try another batch. Thanks, kathleen


A replacement vial is being sent to you and you should receive it tomorrow. For your record it is order# 39089. I did receive some information from the antibody's originator which I hope will also help you out concerning cell fixation. "We have found that the context adjacent to the c-myc epitope can interfere with its detection in some applications. This is particularly true with immunocytochemistry involving aldehyde-fixed tissues, in which the antibody must recognize the aldehyde-fixed epitope in the native conformation. In some cases, the K in the epitope also becomes modified by the aldehyde, abrogating antibody recognition. In these cases, it is best to fix with something that does NOT modify lysines and denatures the protein. I would recommend using either acetone:acetic acid (95%:5% at dry ice temperatures). Just wash the cells briefly with serum-free balanced salt solution for a couple of seconds at 37C (with gentle agitation), and then plunge the slide into the acetone:acetic acid for about 10 seconds. Air-dry the slide after this. Of course, this fixative is not compatible with tissue culture plastic, so the cells need to be grown on poly-lysine coated glass, or something that can resist the acetone." Please let me know how the replacemnet vial works out.

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