Question (24910) | Native Cardiac Troponin I protein (ab9936)

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I need to use this protein in cell culture, and there was concern about the purity of this protein and the endotoxin level. Is there anything we can do to further purify the protein? Do you offer it in a form that is compatible with culture?


Thank you for your inquiry. I heard back from the supplying lab that this protein is purified using ion-exchange and two rounds of calcium-dependent troponin-C affinity chromatography in 8M urea solution. Therefore, little else binds to the TnC column. We use transplant quality human tissue as source material. Any, low molecular weight bands seen on SDS PAGE are minor degradation fragments of TnI that result from proteolysis that occurs in the heart prior to freezing and this is unavoidable. As far as endotoxin is concerned, because the protein is sourced from human tissue using multiple chromatography columns we make no attempt to control levels. If we did, the end product would be prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, the lab did not have recommendations to improve the purity as they consider it to be highly pure and they do not offer it in any other formats. I am sorry that this information could not be more helpful, but please let me know if you have any other questions.  

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