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Dear Sir / Madam,
This order arrived yesterday for Cardiac Troponin I (Cat# ab9936). The vials were fully defrosted although still cold as they were sent to us in cold packs. There was no storage warning on the outside of the boxand onlythe insert sheet warns to store at -80 degrees cent. This is unfortunately a very important(and expensive) material for our workand it would be ideal to get the order replaced FOC if at all possible.
Kindest regards.


Thank you very much for your call. As discussed I am happy to send you this confirmation:

Abcam takes product quality seriously and I would like to reassure you that we investigate all customer complaints.In addition to our in housequality control, we monitor customer feedback closely on a weekly basis and we have received no complaints about this product. Thus, we are not currently concerned about the general qualityof the Cardiac Troponin I protein ab9936 when shipped on this conditions.

We ship this protein in packaging with ice packs to provide extra temperature stability in transit. The ice pack may be thawed or even at room temperature when you receive it; please be assured that this is normal and that your product is safe to use in the tested and guaranteed applications (i.e. in Western blot/SDS-PAGE). Once you have received the vial, please follow the long-term storage instructions on the datasheet, i.e. storage at -80ºC and avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Also, the storage buffer including 8M urea should ensure suitable conditions for the protein to be used as stated on the datasheet.

Our Abpromise to you is that, should our product not work as stated on the datasheet, we will resolve the issue to your satisfaction, either with helpful advice to optimize your experiment or a replacement or refund of the product. Please contact our knowledgeable Scientific Support staff should you experience any issues while using our products. Contact information can be found on our website ('Contact us', or use

I hope this information helps, but please don't hesitate to contact me for additional information or assistance.

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