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Thank you for your questions.

Actually we planned to use the kit in an assay for cardiac Troponin I and we had issues with the cTnI protein itself. So we have not tried the kit and unfortunately I can not give you any feedback concerning the kit yet.

We are developing a new kind of detection method, and one of the targets is cardiac Troponin I. We had problems with the stability of cTnI (we tried ab50803 and also ab9936) and this is a main issue during the method developement.

We are still interested in cardiac Troponin I (TNNI3) and skeletal Troponin I (TNNI1, as a control) proteins and in well working F(ab')2 fragment antibodies for cTnI detection. I would appreciate if you could suggest me something.

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Thank you for contacting us.
We have following anti Cardiac Troponin IgGs.
The anti Troponin I are
Please carefully review the datasheets and buy the product as required.
I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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