Question (71261) | Native Cardiac Troponin I protein (ab9936)

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Why do you have a high concentration of Urea at the buffer of ab9936 Cardiac Troponin I protein?


Troponin-I can only be purified in urea containing buffers. In the absence of urea, at concentrations above ug/ml it precipitates and/or sticks to glass or plastic war. Even in the presence of 9 M urea it completely retains its functional ability to bind calcium dependently to troponin-C. When complexed to troponin-C, troponin-I is soluble. The complexed form is also much more resistant to protease degradation. For these reasons, troponin-I standards usually consist of TnI complexed to TnC.
The urea buffer also confers stability to TnI because it denatures contaminating proteases.

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