Question (71380) | Native Cardiac Troponin I protein (ab9936)

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Do you suggest me using e.g. ab51319 Troponin I+C as a standard? What could be used as a control in that case? Do you have skeletal troponin I+C complex? I need a control with the same size and weight.


I have been in contact with the lab who have confirmed that ab9936 is pure troponin-I and it does not contain Troponin-C. I would try and use this as the standard.
ab9919 is pure skeletal muscle troponin-I (no troponin-C) and therefore would be good to use as a control.
Development of stable TnI controls is a very difficult process. The lab usually adds TnI to a 25-fold excess of TnC, incubates until recovery stabilizes (up to several days), and lyophilizes. Stability is also very dependent on the epitopes recognized by the antibodies used in a particular assay. For that reason, it is not possible to provide a procedure that will work for everyone.

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