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Would you tell me why Human Troponin I bind to glass and plastic?

How we can interrupt this?

Is it possible to use HEPES salin, PBS EDTA buffer or not?

Could you please introduce me a product that is not need 8M urea.

8 M Urea could denature the Antibodies?


Troponin I is a very hydrophobic protein, that is why it either precipitates or sticks to glass/plastic ware in the absence of carrier proteins.

In order to avoid the precipitation, Troponin I can be prediluted with rabbit skeletal muscle troponin-C solutions. Troponin C complexes with Troponin I, renders it soluble and, to some extent, protects it from protease activity

Troponin-I is very susceptible to proteolysis, the urea buffer confers stability to TnI because it denatures contaminating proteases. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the TnI stability when diluted with other buffers.

The addition of 8M urea could indeed cause some trouble when using antibodies. I am pleased to present you an alternative product that does not contain urea. Human Cardiac Troponin I full length protein (ab50803), this is a recombinant full length protein and its constituents are 0.5M Sodium chloride, 60mM Beta mercaptoethanol, 20mM Tris HCl, pH 7.5. More information here: (or use the following:

Human Cardiac Troponin I full length recombinant protein (ab50803) is guaranteed by our Abpromise ( for SDS-PAGE and WB.

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