Question (57580) | Native Human Cardiac Troponin T protein (ab9937)

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Respected Sir,
thanks a lot for your answer for my questions. I am confused that two antibody work together means can they bind each other?
And can this protein (troponin T antigen ) will bind to one part of capture antibody and another part to HRP conjugated antibody?

Still I am not 100% convinced so it is possible for you to call me if it is ok with you toavoidthe problem regarding these antibody and antigen. I wish to place order as soon as possible so let me know when can you speak to me?


Thank you for your email. I am sorry for having generated a confusion. I will call you tomorrow morning (I guess this will be afternoon for you).

Meanwhile please have a look at our sandwich ELISA protocol. With "work together" I ment, that one can be used as capture, and the other as detection antibody. They will not bind to each other, however they can be used as a pair as they will be able to bind the protein of interest in the same time (and not inhibit sterically each other binding).

I look forward to talk to you tomorrow. I wish you a good evening.

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