Question (75809) | Native Human IgG FC fragment protein (ab90285)

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The FC fragment of IgG contains a glycosylation site. Do you de-glycosylate (remove the carboxyl group) or know what the glycyosylation status is?


We do not know the glycosylation status of the IgG FC fragment as we do not test for this as part of our final QC analysis. We do not actively attempt to deglycosylate the FC as part of the purification procedure. I am including a general description of the purification protocol to support that we do not believe that the procedure actively deglycosylated the FC. The whole molecule IgG is purified by ART using ammonium sulfate precipitation, and ion exchange chromatography. Protein A chromatography is not used for the purification of IgG.

IgG Fc purification

1. Digestion of whole molecule IgG with papain.

2. Ion exchange chromatography

3. Size exclusion chromatography

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