Agonists, antagonists, activators and inhibitors

We supply a range of high quality, highly cited ligands, modulators of ligand and voltage-gated ion channels, enzyme inhibitors and cell signaling pathway tools. Join researchers worldwide and find small molecules for your research.


Say no to molecular calculations

Water soluble, simple stock solutions to save you time. Simply add 1 ml of water and start your experiment.

Guidelines for small-molecule inhibitors

Choose the right inhibitor for your experiment by reading our guide written by Professor Stephen Taylor.

Advantages of small molecule inhibitors

Our guide written by Professor Stephen Taylor highlights the opportunities for you of using inhibitors.

Revolutionizing endocytosis research

Further explore the role of clathrin and dynamin in clathrin-mediated endocytosis.

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Western blot

Western blot FAQ


Primary antibodies

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Calcium signaling in cancer


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