Ion channel modulators

Ion channels are essentially pore-forming membrane proteins where some drugs may directly or indirectly interact leading to a change in action potentials and other electrical signals across the membrane. Ion channels may be a site of action for fast acting neurotransmitters such as GABA, with popular channels include sodium, potassium and calcium. Join researchers worldwide and find ion channel modulators for your research.


Ca2+ signaling inhibitors and dyes

A range of selective, high quality inhibitors to help you join researchers worldwide.

Calcium indicators and ionophores

Find the best indicator and ionophore for imaging Ca2+ and cell function

Excitatory synapse pathway card

Learn more about the receptors and channels involved in our reference guide. Available to download and print.

Inflammatory pain pathway card

Download our reference guide to the inflammatory pain pathway highlighting important channels and mediators.

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Tetrodotoxin (ab120054)


Tetrodotoxin citrate (ab120055)



Western blot FAQ


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