Receptors and transporters

GPCRs are the largest family of membrane proteins in the human genome. They are coupled to intracellular signaling pathways via a G protein, which can lead to alterations in the production of various intracellular second messengers. Popular receptor targets include glutamate, GABA and receptor kinases which may lead to the alteration of intracellular proteins including PI3K/Akt, PKC and many more.

Transporters allow for the passage of ions, small molecules and peptides across a lipid bilayer, which displays selective membrane permeability.  Popular types include neurotransmitter, glucose and ion channel transporters. Join researchers worldwide and find receptor and transporter agonists and antagonists for your research.


Say no to molecular calculations

Water soluble, simple stock solutions to save you time. Simply add 1ml of water and start your experiment.

pH and membrane potential indicators

Find the best fluorescent indicator for detecting pH and membrane potential.

Excitatory synapse pathway card

Learn more about the receptors and channels involved in our reference guide. Available to download and print.

Inflammatory pain pathway card

Download our reference guide to the inflammatory pain pathway highlighting important channels and mediators.

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DL-AP5 sodium salt (ab120271)


Kainic acid (ab120100)


D-AP5 (ab120003)



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