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Fluorescent cell imaging

Create high quality multicolor cell images of both live and fixed cells with our fluorescent dyes and kits for staining and tracking cellular components. Our range includes the CytoPainter staining kits for multicolor imaging with minimal photobleaching.


Phalloidin-iFluor 488 reagent

Quick and specific staining of actin filaments with our bright green dye.

​​Alexa Fluor® secondary antibodies

Learn why our Alexa Fluor® conjugated secondaries are ideal for fluorescent cell imaging

Cell imaging resources guide

Find helpful webinars, protocols and product guides for your cell imaging research.​

Live cell staining fluorescent dyes

Follow and track live cells and stain organelles with highly specific dyes for stable staining.

Mounting media for fluorescent imaging

Specialist mounting media for cell imaging - designed to reduce photobleaching.

Dye conjugated primary antibodies

Alexa Fluor® dye conjugated primary antibodies to make cell imaging faster.

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ICC/IF protocol


Live cell staining dyes


Anti-beta III Tubulin - IF staining

Organelle markers and dyes


Shine a light on your GFP


Western blot FAQ


Actin filament polymerization


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