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Apoptosis, cell viability and proliferation

Tools for apoptosis, cell viability, cytotoxicity, proliferation and cell cycle research, designed to suit your experimental needs. Understanding cell health is critical when assessing the outcomes of any cell-based experiment.  


Download our apoptosis ebook

Improve your apoptosis detection skills with our free apoptosis application ebook.

Apoptosis assay kits guide

Review our assay kits for the study of apoptosis.

Cell viability assays guide 

Learn about cell viability assays.

Cytotoxicity assays guide

Learn about the different types of cytotoxicity assay.

Cell proliferation and cell cycle assays guide

Learn about the assays used to assess cell proliferation and the cell cycle.

Annexin V-FITC apoptosis kit

Detect the early stages of apoptosis with a simple staining procedure in only 10 minutes.

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