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ELISA kits and reagents

More than 1500 standard ELISA kits are available for the quantification of a broad range of target proteins. An ELISA kit for your target is available in human, mouse, rat, and other species. For sensitive and accurate quantification in 90 minutes, discover our rapidly expanding range of SimpleStep ELISA® kits.


SimpleStep ELISA® Kits

Single step sample and antibody addition results in faster and more reproducible results using SimpleStep ELISA® kits.

ELISA kits

Quantify your target protein using one of our more than 1400 ELISA kits.

CatchPoint® SimpleStep ELISA® Kits

Fluorescent ELISA kits with a simple 90-minute protocol, wide dynamic range and high sensitivity. In collaboration with Molecular Devices.

The complete ELISA guide

Everything you need to get great ELISA results. Our guide includes types of ELISA, ELISA protocol, controls, analysis and troubleshooting tips.

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ELISA troubleshooting tips


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