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FirePlex® Immunoassays

Multiplex quantitation of protein biomarkers with high-performance antibody pairs 

FirePlex® immunoassays feature fully customizable multiplex panels that allow you to analyze up to 75 analytes simultaneously per well, with fast and easy readout on standard flow cytometers. Providing comprehensive biomarker profiling, directly from crude biofluids, FirePlex immunoassays are a fast and easy way to accelerate and scale up your translational research while minimizing your workload.

FirePlex immunoassays combine innovative FirePlex particle technology along with Abcam’s optimized matched antibody pairs for analyte detection, offering the highest standards in sensitivity and specificity.

  • - 0.5 pg/mL to 30,000 pg/mL detection
  • - Up to 5-log dynamic range
  • - Only 12.5 µL of sample input, direct from crude biofluids

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Complex data analysis is made simple with our free-of-charge integrated FirePlex Analysis Workbench software, which automatically interprets results and generates publication-ready figures. Alternatively, leave the work to us and let our full-service team of experts analyze your samples from start to finish/mL assay sensitivity. They can be analyzed on your own flow cytometer or samples can be sent for analysis in our service lab.

FirePlex® is a registered trademark in the United States and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.


What are Fireplex immunoassays?

Find out more about our fully customizable and highly sensitive multiplex immunoassays.

FirePlex validation and benchmarking

Review our data, performance specs, and benchmarking tests against other assay platforms.


​​Analytes and panels

Assemble your panel and then buy a kit or request a quote for services.

FirePlex publications

Read the latest publications using FirePlex® technology.


FirePlex flow cytometry protocol

Find out how to set up your flow cytometer for our FirePlex assay with our step-by-step protocols.​​

​​​​Sample testing service

​​Send us your samples and our multiplex assay experts will run your assay for you.

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FirePlex® particle technology


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