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FirePlex® miRNA assays

​​Multiplex miRNA assays with FirePlex® particle technology enable simultaneous profiling of 65 miRNAs directly from small amounts of biofluid or FFPE, without RNA purification or pre-amplification. Assays are customizable and suitable for both discovery and verification studies. Readout uses a standard flow cytometer.

FirePlex® is a registered trade mark in the United States and is an unregistered trade mark elsewhere.


​​Assay overview

Find out more about how the FirePlex miRNA Assay can benefit your research.

How the assay works

​​​​​Find out how the assay works to provide multiplex ​miRNA profiling directly from biofluids.

Buy the assay

Get the kits and equipment you need to run the FirePlex miRNA assay.

Supporting information

​​Get going with the assay: software downloads, protocols and equipment guidelines.

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