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Our extensive range of cytokines and growth factors include interferons, chemokines, interleukins and various growth and inhibitory factors. Given the importance of this group of proteins in affecting the behavior of other cells, we ensure that our recombinant proteins are tested for function. Whether their function is to regulate cell growth, differentiation or cell movement, our proteins have been tested for activity in relevant cell models, allowing you to make the best choice for your experiments. Many of our cytokines, chemokines and growth factors are now offered in multiple pack sizes, providing you with the flexibility to try a small sample, or scale up to a more cost effective quantity. 


Validated in functional studies

​​​​​Our recombinant TNF​ alpha demonstrates biological activity in a cytolysis assay. 

Human cell expressed proteins

​​Select the best active human cell expressed proteins for your application.

​​Scaling up for cell culture?

​​Don't be limited by our standard pack sizes. We offer 1mg+ volumes on request.

​​​Multiple pack sizes now available

Our well cited recombinant TGF beta 1 is just one example of many products now available in multiple pack sizes.

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