Question (15522) | Anti-Nestin antibody [196908] (ab6320)

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I am currently using your ab6320 (Nestin) antibody. What are the differences between this new antibody and your ab6320? Note: I am using ab6320 on human primary cells.


Thank you for your enquiry. Ab27952 is a rabbit polyclonal antibody to nestin, and ab6320 is a mouse monoclonal antibody. The immunogen used to generate ab27952 was a KLH conjugated peptide to the human nestin tail. The immunogen used to generate ab6320 were nestin-transfected NS0 cells transfected with a human Nestin fragment aa residues 618-1618. Ab27952 detects human and mouse nestin while ab6320 detects human nestin and has no reactivity with rodent nestin. Please contact us again if you have any additional questions.

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