Advantages of our NeuN antibody

Label neuronal nuclei with our highly validated and cited NeuN rabbit monoclonal (RabMAb®) antibody.

Advantages of anti-NeuN [EPR12763] Neuronal Marker (ab177487):

Made using our RabMAb technology
The consistency and specificity of a monoclonal combined with the superior antigen recognition of a rabbit antibody. Learn more.

Highly specific for NeuN
Fox-3 used as the immunogen rather than nuclear lysates.

Ideal for staining mouse tissue
Rabbit monoclonals minimize background and cross-reactivity that can result from using mouse monoclonals in mouse models.

Validated in key applications and species
Extensively tested in IHC, ICC, flow cytometry and western blotting. Reactive with a variety of species including human, mouse and rat.

Independently tested and found to be highly specific at low concentrations
View the independent testing results.

Customer reviewed and rated as “excellent”
5* Abreview rating and featured in a growing number of publications. View reviewstestimonials and citations.

Perfect for multicolor experiments
Also available conjugated to Alexa Fluor 488®Alexa Fluor 568Alexa Fluor 647 and biotin.

Try it now, available in a 10 µl trial size

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