Why researchers choose our NeuN antibody

We asked scientists what they thought of our NeuN rabbit monoclonal (RabMAb®) antibody (ab177487):

Click on the images for full details of their NeuN experience:

“I have received excellent immunolabeling using NeuN antibody using mouse brain sections.”
Sumit Sarkar, National Center of Toxicology/US FDA

“…we were very satisfied with the result. We will certainly use it as an alternative staining for neurons, in combination with other mouse monoclonal antibodies.”
Dr Fabio Canneva, FAU - Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

“The Ab appears reliable and we will use this antibody in the future when we need a rabbit anti-NeuN Ab.”
Dr Adam K. Walker, Macquarie University 

“I have tested the antibody on frozen tissue sections (mouse) and stained with fluorescence or DAB protocols and the staining worked very well at >1:500 dilution.”
Dr. Eva Borger, University of St Andrews

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