We’re on a mission to reduce waste.


We’ve listened to your feedback: our processes affect the sustainability of your lab so we are putting programmes in place to reduce waste and help protect our environment.

Our first step is to stop sending out printed datasheets with each order. We’ve switched to digital datasheets in the UK already, and we’ll be rolling this out to the rest of Europe and the US soon, helping us to save a potential 1 million sheets of paper per year. We are also switching out some plastic from our shipping boxes for recycled paper alternatives.

These changes are part of our ongoing initiative to enable your research while reducing our impact on the environment at the same time.

How to find your digital datasheets

Here’s how to access your datasheets online. Either:

  • Enter your abID product code into the search box at www.abcam.com, or
  • Enter abcam.com/your abID

You will be taken directly to your product’s datasheet to view online. There’s an option to print as a PDF (but we don’t recommend printing unless you have to!)

Find your abID product code:

Finding your abID is easy: it’s on the product label, the delivery note, and your invoice.

If you still want us to send you a copy of your datasheet, email us at orders@abcam.com, and we’ll get it to you.


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