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Inquiry: Hi abcam! I have a question regarding anti-p-NMDAR2B (pY1472) (ab3856). Do you have an example of a western blot run that I can see? from rat tissue preferable. I can see from the datasheet from antibody ab65783 that there is an extra/unidentified band at 35 kDa - is this the same for ab3856?


We unfortunately do not have image for ab3856, however it has been tested with rat samples and is fully covered under Abpromise guarantee,

In case you are interested in buying and trying this product then I would encourage you to participate in our 100% Abtrial Image discount programme - a free product can be claimed in your next order in-exchange for review of this product with image specific to rat samples. Please contact me with the order number for Abtrial code once the purchase is completed.

More details about the offer can be found at the following link;

This Abtrial offer was created to give scientists the opportunity to try products in an untested species or application, without the financial risk of failure.

Please note if this product doesn’t work you can still claim a refund and free antibody under Abtrial code promotion.

In relation to ab65783 we haven’t tested the identity of band at 35kDA so I am sorry we do not have any further information. This antibody is also comes with 100 money back guarantee so feel free to purchase and use this.

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