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Dear Sir Madam, I would like to ask whether the following antibodies are known to be neutralising as this is an important requirement for my particular assay. I couldn't find this information on the website: Rat Monoclonal to Human Osteoprotegerin - ab18051 Rabbit Polyclonal to human Osteoprotegerin - ab 9986 Kind Regards


Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately both anti-Osteoprotegerin antibody ab18051 and ab9986 have not as yet been assessed for their neutralising activity to our knowledge. This does not mean that these will not work as a neutralising antibodies. However, the only anti-Osteoprotegerin antibody which has been assessed for this property is goat polyclonal ab10962, but this is directed against the mouse protein and only shows a 25% cross reactivity with the human protein. If you would like to purchase ab18051 or ab9986 for their use in neutralising assays we can offer you a testing discount. This offer means that if you test the antibody for its neutralising activity with human Osteoprotegerin and let us know of the results through an Abreview (no matter whether positive or negative) you would be eligible for a free primary antibody of your choice from our catalog. More information on this offer can be found here: If you would be interested in this offer please let me know as the discount code needs to be issued prior to purchase of the antibody. I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.  

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