Question (31680) | Anti-Otx1 + Otx2 antibody - ChIP Grade (ab21990)

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Thank you for informing me of the problem with the Otx2 polyclonal antibody (Ab21990). I have used this antibody and failed to get the expected results and so I would be grateful to try a different lot; here is my original order number:1736952-1. Kind regards,


Thank you for contacting us. We have shipped lot GR9703-1 in your order last time; we still have this lot in stock and our retesting results are quite promising. I am sorry that the product failed in your experiment. I would like to know more about the experiment you have performed. Could you provide the following information? - Which application the antibody was used in? - How do you describe the problem? -Could you attach a brief protocol and any information regarding troubleshooting steps? I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

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