Question (69539) | Anti-Otx1 + Otx2 antibody - ChIP Grade (ab21990)

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I was looking for an antibody to Otx2 that has been used and is rated for CHIP and found Abcam Ab21990. However, when I checked the literature cited that Abcam provides to support its claim that is antibody is indeed CHIP grade and has been used for CHIP (ChIP:
Use at an assay dependent dilution. PubMed: 18057103). I found that
this study, while it is study on Otx2, has not performed any CHIP experiments and has not even used any Abcam Antibody.


Thank you for your enquiry. The location of the data is not obvious. The ab21990 ChIP data in PubMed:18057103 is in the supplemental material for this paper. Here is a link:

Chromatin samples were prepared from heads of uninjected stage 22-24 embryos, and imunoprecipitated with either 5 micrograms of control IgG or anti-Otx2 antibody (Abcam, ab21990).

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