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Thanks for your email. I would be interested in testing these antibodies in sELISA. A couple of things to confirm. Will the discount code be valid for 4 months after becoming active (ie after submission of the Abreview) rather than after being issued? Also when ordering we normally go through your Australian distributer Sapphire BioSciences, will this be the case for this order?

Could you also tell me the volume and concentration of these antibody solutions?

Thanks very much for your help!


Thank you for your reply. I am very pleased to hear you would like to accept our offer and test ab78364 with ab124771 in sandwich ELISA.

To confirm, the discount code is valid for 4 months, the Abreview needs to be submitted and the order placed for the free of charge antibody before this expiry date. The order can go through our Australian distributor Sapphire Biosciences. I am copying them into this email so they are aware.

Expiration date:4th Jan 2013

This code will give you: 1 free primary antibody before the expiration date. To redeem this offer, please submit an Abreview for ab78364 with ab124771in sandwich ELISA. and include this code in the “Additional Comments” section so we know the Abreview is for this promotion. Please remember that submission of the Abreview is sufficient for the discount code to become active.

For more information on how to submit an Abreview, please visit the site:

Remember, we publish both positive and negative Abreviews on our datasheets so please submit the results of your tests. The code will be active once the Abreview has been submitted and can be redeemed in one of the following ways: 1) Call to place your order and mention the code to our customer service department; 2) Include the code in your fax order; 3) Place your order on the web and enter the promotional code.

With regards to your questions regarding concentration and volume:

ab78364 Anti-Oxytocin antibody [4G11]
The volume is provided on the datasheet, 100 ul
I am sorry the concentration will not be determined as this is sold as ascites fluid.

ab124771 Anti-Oxytocin antibody [EPR4665]
The volume is on the datasheet, 100 ul
I am sorry the concentration will not be determiend as this is sold as tissue culture supernatant, concentration not determined.

Unpurified antibodies, such as those sold as whole antiserum, ascites or tissue culture supernatant will not have a concentration stated on the datasheet. Antibody concentration is usually determined by protein assay, and serum / ascites / tissue culture supernatant will contain a lot of other proteins, which means the antibody quantification would not be accurate. I can confirm that for ascites, concentration of antibody is known to very between 5 - 10 mg/ml. I can confirm that for tissue culture supernatant, concentration of antibody is known to very betwen 1 - 3 mg/ml. I am sorry we are not able to provide an exact concentration on this occasion.

Any feedback that you can provide regarding your sELISA experiments will be greatly appreciated, whether positive or negative. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your Abreview and wish you luck with your research.

The terms and conditions applicable to this offer can be found here:

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